DHI (Direct Hair Implantation)

DHI Method

The DHI (Direct Hair Implantation) method involves the direct implantation of hair follicles using a Choi medical pen. The extraction of grafts is identical to the FUE method, but unlike FUE, channels for the grafts are not created. In DHI, grafts are inserted under the scalp using the Choi pen in which they were initially placed. This allows for easier maneuvering during the densification of areas on the head. Thanks to this type of application, the doctor can also perform the procedure on long hair without completely shaving the head (service for an additional fee). Therefore, this procedure is recommended for women or individuals who, for professional reasons, cannot completely shave their heads.


Our team has extensive experience in the field of hair transplantation using the DHI method. We provide professional advice regarding eligibility for the procedure seven days a week. Simply send us online photos of your head, and we will assess the situation based on them and determine whether transplantation is advisable and to what extent.

Qualification is free and is the first step you must take to schedule the procedure.

How is the transplant performed?


Based on the photos sent, the doctor assesses the quality of the donor area and determines the possible number of grafts for transplantation. A recommendation for the method of the procedure will also be presented. The crucial consultation occurs in the clinic, before the procedure. That's when the hairline and transplant zones will be established. A detailed medical interview will be conducted, along with photographic documentation. Blood tests will be performed before the consultation. Throughout the entire consultation, our caretaker will be present to translate all conversations with the doctor.


The harvesting phase begins with local anesthesia in the back of the head. This only lasts about 5 minutes and involves only minor pain caused by the use of needles.

After properly preparing the donor area, individual hair follicles are individually harvested using FUE microtools (a micromotor equipped with a 0.5 - 0.7 mm blade). The harvested hair follicles contain an average of 2-3 hairs. The doctor's experience ensures the hair follicles are harvested without damage. The use of microtools ensures the safety of the procedure and a short recovery period for the donor area. During harvesting, you lie on a special bed, head down. The entire procedure is performed under local anesthesia and is completely painless.


The harvested hair follicles are cleaned and subjected to a quality analysis. The quality and size of the hair follicles are determinants for the next stage - placing grafts in the Choi implanter pen.


Unlike the FUE method, in DHI, channels are not made. The harvested and sorted grafts are placed in Choi pens. An experienced doctor then implants the graft directly into the scalp, properly adjusting the angle of insertion of the pen. Capturing the individual pattern of hair growth, defining specific angles of hair growth on each part of the patient's scalp is key to achieving the desired hairstyle after the procedure. During this stage, you lie on your back, and you can freely read, listen to music, or watch television, which is available in the treatment room. This is the last stage of the hair transplant using the DHI technique. After the procedure, a platelet-rich plasma treatment is performed, and dressings are applied to the donor area (they will be removed the next day during the control visit at the clinic).


The DHI procedure offers the possibility of performing a transplant without shaving the head. However, you must remember that the areas from which grafts are harvested must be shaved. In the case of large transplants, around 4500 grafts, this will require shaving the entire back and sides of the head. For women, we try to shave horizontal strips of hair at the back of the head between long hairs. Hair transplants in women rarely exceed 3000 grafts.

Hair growth time

The first transplanted hairs start to grow about 3 months after the procedure, so you need to arm yourself with patience. In the first stage, about 30% of the transplanted hairs will grow, with each subsequent month bringing further growth and densification. By around the 8th month, you will already have about 80-90% of the target amount of hair on your head. The final result is achieved after about 12 months. Afterward, the hairs only gain thickness and become more flexible.

Goals of the transplant


The main goal of the procedure is to rebuild the hairline at the front to create a lasting frame for the face. Another goal is to strengthen and fill in gaps on the head and ensure adequate hair density.

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