Questions about hair transplant

Who can have hair transplants?

Everyone who suffers from male pattern hair loss. Therefore, it is primarily intended for individuals whose hormonal changes have caused premature hair loss. Meanwhile, people after various types of accidents or when hair loss has been caused by burns require an individual consultation.

Is there an age limit for hair transplantation?

Age plays a certain role depending on the context and causes of hair loss. Generally, a hair transplant is considered the most permanent and balanced solution to this problem. Hair loss is caused by an excess of male hormones released throughout life. Hair loss decreases after reaching the age of 40. This means that after a hair transplant at a younger age, one must consider that further hair loss may continue, and the transplant may need to be repeated to cover the entire problematic area.

What hair transplant techniques are performed at the clinic?

The hair transplant procedure is performed using the FUE or DHI method. These are the latest hair transplant methods that leave no scars on the head. The procedure itself is practically painless. A minor discomfort may only be felt during the anesthesia process.

What is the difference between the FUE and DHI methods?

In both procedures, individual hair follicles (grafts) are extracted in the same manner. The treatments differ in the method of application (implantation) of the grafts into the areas of loss. In the FUE method, a micro-incision (channel) is made in which the doctor places the graft. In the DHI method, no channel is made, and the graft is inserted into the gaps using a special applicator called Choi. Thanks to this type of application, the doctor can also perform the procedure on long hair, without completely shaving the head (service for an additional fee). Therefore, this procedure is recommended for women or people who, for professional reasons, cannot completely shave their heads.

How long does a hair transplant procedure take?

The procedure consists of several stages and lasts approximately 8-12 hours (with a break for a meal). When it comes to the entire trip, you need to plan 3 days (2 days in the hotel).

Will there be a doctor during my procedure?

Yes, in our clinic, the doctor actively participates in the procedure. In addition to consultations, the doctor will create channels on your scalp, which are micro-incisions where the grafts will be placed. It is precisely these properly made channels that determine the density and arrangement of hair on the head. Additionally, the doctor supervises all stages of the procedure.

How much hair can be transplanted during the procedure?

Typically, the hair transplantation procedure involves between 3,000 to 6,500 grafts. Each graft contains between one to four hairs, hence a transplant of 4,000 grafts amounts to 8,000 – 10,000 individual hairs. The number of grafts is determined by the doctor during the qualification for the procedure.

How will I communicate with the doctor and other clinic staff?

We provide English-speaking support during your stay. There are English caregivers on site in Istanbul. They will take care of you from the day of the procedure until your departure. Unlike other clinics, our caregivers are at your disposal throughout your stay and help you with many matters related to your visit.

How should I prepare for the procedure?

Every patient will receive detailed information on how to prepare for the surgery. The most important thing is to avoid consuming alcohol for 6 days before the operation. Also, the procedure is not recommended for people with cardiological problems or hypertension due to the high health risks.

What blood tests will I have?

Every patient undergoes blood tests for the presence of HIV (AIDS) and HCV (Hepatitis C virus). The presence of either of these viruses precludes the performance of the procedure. If you are uncertain about the results of this test, consider having it done in your country. Additionally, blood clotting tests are performed.

Can I bring my own blood test results?

Unfortunately, no, like any clinic, we must have the tests conducted at our clinic. However, for certainty, it's a good idea to have an HIV test and a test for Hepatitis C done in your country. If the results of these tests come back positive at our clinic, we will not be able to perform the transplant for you.

What happens before the procedure?

Every patient undergoes a blood test and a consultation before the procedure directly with the doctor conducting the procedure, aimed at determining the shape of the hairline and the division of areas for hair transplantation. During the consultation, the quality of hair in different areas on the head will be examined.

What happens after the procedure?

You will have dressings applied to your head and return to the hotel for the night. The dressings are removed the next day during the postoperative check-up. Detailed postoperative information will be provided after the procedure by our caregiver.

When do the first transplanted hairs grow?

For the first few weeks, the hair alternately grows and falls out. The first permanent hair starts to grow about three months after the procedure. The most significant growth usually occurs after 5-6 months. 90% of the transplanted hair should be visible after about 9 months. The full effect can be assessed one year from the date of transplantation.

Do I need to shave my head for the procedure?

Shaving the head is required for the FUE method. However, you do not shave your head yourself; we will shave your head at the clinic. In the DHI method, the procedure can be performed on long hair. However, the areas from which the grafts are taken will be shaved. If you want to have the procedure on long hair, please contact us about this.

How quickly will my head heal?

The healing process takes about 10-14 days. After 10 days, we will send you an instructional video on how to remove the remaining scabs from your head under the shower.

When can I return to exercising at the gym?

For more strenuous physical activity, such as gym workouts or sports training, you can return to it after 3 weeks from the procedure.

Can gray hair be transplanted?

Yes, of course, it's possible. Gray hair is simply devoid of melanin, which gives it color. After the transplant, it grows just like its colored counterparts 🙂

Are you the best clinic?

Yes, with full confidence, our treatments are unique. Our clinic is focused on the highest quality of procedures and customer service. We perform very large and dense hair transplants. No one else achieves such results after the procedures and such high customer satisfaction.

Questions about travel and accommodation

Is a plane ticket included in the price of the treatment?

No, you purchase your own plane ticket; we do not mediate in ticket sales. Remember, before buying a ticket, contact us to confirm the date at the clinic.

How do I book a plane ticket?

You book and purchase your tickets yourself using any flight search engine. Typically, you will stay in Istanbul for 3 days. The first day is for arrival (this is a free day and you can arrive at any time). The second day is for the procedure. The third day is for post-procedure control and return home (book your return in the afternoon hours, with the earliest flight departing around 13:00).

Remember that you can also extend your stay for additional days before or after the procedure.

Is the hotel included in the price of the treatment?

No, the hotel cost is added separately to the price of the procedure. We have two hotels on offer at very attractive prices. The minimum stay at the hotel is 2 nights. You can also choose your own hotel, not from our offer, but then on the day of the procedure, you need to get to our clinic on your own. From our hotels, our caregiver will pick you up.

Will someone pick me up from the airport?

Yes, a driver from the clinic will be waiting for you at the airport to take you to the hotel. Airport transfer from and to the airport is always included in the price, to any hotel.

What does the standard stay schedule look like?

Day One:

  • Flight to Istanbul.
  • Meeting at the airport with our drivers and transport to the hotel.
  • Free time for the rest of the day.

Day Two:

  • After breakfast, meet with our caregiver and proceed to the clinic.
  • Consultation and procedure.
  • Free time after the procedure.

Day Three:

  • After breakfast, a check-up at the clinic.
  • Check out from the hotel and transport to the airport.
  • Return flight.
Will I not get lost there?

There is no such possibility. We won't allow it. We send you detailed instructions on how to find the driver at the airport. The driver will wait for you as long as it takes for you to find him. You will be taken directly to our hotel where everything is already prepared for your arrival. Both at the airport and in the car, you will be in contact with our caregiver.

How long will I be staying in Istanbul?

The minimum stay in Istanbul is 3 days (2 nights). The first day is free, the second day is for the procedure, and the third is for a post-procedure check and the return flight. You can stay in Istanbul longer or arrive earlier; we offer additional days in the hotel for an extra charge. You can find the details on the subpage:

Price list

Can I go with a companion?

Yes, if you want to come with a companion, you can choose a double room from the options in our hotels.

Is meals included in the price of the procedure?

Included in the stay are breakfasts at the hotel and lunch on the day of the procedure at the clinic. In the area around the clinic and hotel, there are many small restaurants with wonderful food at affordable prices. Our caregiver will advise where you can eat the best dishes.

I don't know Turkish, will I manage?

It's not a problem, everything is organized in such a way that you can feel comfortable even without knowing the language. Everything is overseen by our caregiver/coordinator in Turkey.

Will I be alone in the hotel?

In most cases, we accommodate 2 - 4 people on the same day. So, you won't be alone at the hotel, and it's possible that another person from your country will arrive on the same flight. If such a situation arises, we will inform you about it.

Will I have internet access in the hotel?

Yes, both in the hotels and in the clinic, free internet access is available.

Can you take me from the airport to a different hotel than yours?

Yes, you decide where you want to stay during your visit to Istanbul. Our hotels are just a suggestion from us. If you think you want to stay somewhere else, we will take you from the airport to any hotel/apartment of your choice. Just remember that on the day of the procedure, you need to be at our clinic in the morning.

Will I have time to explore the city?

The standard individual trip involves a stay in Istanbul just for the duration of the procedure, which means 2 hotel nights. If you want to stay longer to explore the city, we suggest purchasing an additional night at the hotel and arriving one day earlier. It's really worth it!

I want to stay longer in Istanbul to explore the city, where can I buy a SIM card for my phone?

You can buy a SIM card in many places in Istanbul. Our caregivers will certainly help you with this. However, do not buy a card at the airport, as it is not cost-effective there. If you have a phone that allows the use of eSIM, we suggest installing the Airalo or MobiMatter apps. These applications enable the purchase of any eSIM card from various countries, including Turkey. We recommend this option.

Can the cosmetics I receive after the procedure be carried in hand luggage?

Yes, you will receive from us a new generation cosmetic, a combination of medicine and shampoo in a concentrated form. Its capacity is 95 ml, so it's enough to bring in your carry-on luggage when you come to us.


Three days in Istanbul.

The minimum length of stay in Istanbul is 3 days. The hair transplant is carried out the day after arrival. Below is a brief schedule of the stay.

Day 1 - Arrival

On this day, you just need to fly to Istanbul; the arrival time is up to you. A driver will be waiting at the airport to take you to the hotel. Our caregiver will also contact you and answer all your questions.

Day 2 - Procedure

After breakfast at the hotel, you will go to the clinic for the procedure with our caregiver. Before the procedure, you will have basic tests done and undergo a consultation with the doctor. Our English caregiver will be present during the consultation and the procedure. During the break in the procedure, you will receive lunch at the clinic.

Day 3 - Return

In the morning, you will have a post-procedure check-up at the clinic. You will receive cosmetics, medications, and information regarding head care. On this day, you happily return home, a driver will take you to the airport, and we will stay in contact with you for the next year.

We always start with qualification for the procedure.

Just send us photos, and you'll see how we can help you. The qualification is free and available seven days a week.