Hair Transplant at Jack Strong Hair.

As experts in hair transplantation, we apply the most advanced techniques, combining our doctors’ experience with excellent customer care. We offer premium services at every stage – from organizing the trip, through the stay on site, to the highest quality medical services in Turkey.

Jack Strong Hair Clinic is located in a prestigious district of Istanbul, guaranteeing a service standard higher than that offered by other clinics in the industry.

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Hair transplants are performed by specialists with years of experience headed by Dr. Mehmet Sahin, a specialist with more than 9 years of experience in micro FUE hair transplants.

The modern method of micro Sapphire FUE (sapphire blades), means a short recovery time after the procedure and no scarring at all after the procedure.

Dr. Mehmet Sahin is a pioneer of high-density FUE treatments. With hair transplants of about 5000-6000 grafts, our clients can achieve the effect of full head hair density in just one treatment.

Mehmet Sahin

Exceptional clinic

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The best clinic. The best hair transplants.

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With us, you will feel the difference. The magnitude of the procedures, the attention to every detail of the transplant, the extraordinary customer care, will ensure that you have a comfortable stay at our clinic.

See how our customers are changing. Our portfolio continues to grow, watch our social media as well. We present only photos of Polish customers, we do not interfere with the photos, we show real effects.

Effects after transplant

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Hair transplant using the FUE and DHI method

We use the latest technique of hair transplantation, without scars and with quick head healing.

FUE** (Follicular Unit Extraction) treatments are currently the best solution for people with progressive androgenetic alopecia.

The DHI*** (Direct Hair Implantation) method is recommended for those with smaller problems on the head. Men who can’t shave their heads completely for professional reasons, or women.

What is FUE

Follicular Unit Extraction

What is DHI

Direct Hair Implantation

What treatments do we perform?

FUE hair transplant

Sapphire scalp hair transplantation (FUE). The most popular method of hair transplantation.

DHI Hair Transplant

Hair transplantation on the head using the DHI method without complete shaving of the head. Recommended for women and when there is little hair loss on the head.

FUE beard transplant

Beard  hair transplant using the Sapphire FUE method. Thickening or creating new facial hair.

FUE head + beard transplant

Sapphire FUE hair transplant on the head and beard. Simultaneous combined head + beard  treatment.

Check our price list

How much does a hair transplant cost


Three days in Istanbul.

The minimum stay in Istanbul is 3 days. The hair transplant is performed the day after arrival. Below we present a shortened schedule of your stay.

1 day - arrival

On that day you just need to fly to Istanbul, the arrival time is arbitrary and up to you. A driver will be waiting at the airport to take you to your hotel. You will also be contacted by our supervisor and answered all your questions.

Day 2 - treatment

After breakfast at the hotel, you and our attendant will go to the clinic for treatment. Before the procedure, you will have basic tests done and undergo a consultation with a doctor. Our Polish tutor will be present during the consultation and the procedure. At the interval of the treatment you will receive lunch at the clinic.

Day 3 - back home

In the morning you will undergo a post-operative check-up at the clinic. You will receive cosmetics, medicines and information on head care. On that day you happily return home, your driver will take you to the airport, and we will keep in touch with you for the next year.

We always start with the qualification for the procedure.

Just send us photos and you will find out how we can help you. Qualification is free and available seven days a week.

Security and confidence.

We comprehensively care for your entire stay at our clinic. We provide airport transfers, hotels, Polish caretakers, medicines, cosmetics, and support in purchasing airline tickets. You do not need to know a foreign language, we will provide you with full comfort and safety during your stay in Istanbul.

What makes us stand out?

Procedure always with a doctor

The best hair transplant specialists work at the Jack Strong Hair clinic. Only with us, all the key stages of your procedure will be performed by a doctor, the same doctor with whom you will have consultations before the procedure.

No hidden fees or commissions

You pay directly at the clinic on the day of the procedure, after consulting your doctor. We do not charge any additional fees or commissions. Our price reflects the prices on the Turkish market.

An English-speaking guardian

Both during the organization of the treatment and during your stay in Istanbul, you will be under the care of an English-speaking consultant - caregiver. The trip is organized by the branch in the UK, while in Istanbul you get under the care of our clinic and, of course, English-speaking caregivers who are also medical consultants.

We help to buy plane tickets.

We want your trip to take place at the optimal time for you, both in terms of price and departure date. That is why you decide when you want to come to us, selecting dates in available places in the clinic. If you have a problem with finding the right flight yourself, our travel agency will help you find and buy a ticket.

After the transplant, we will be in constant contact with you.

We will be in constant contact with you for a year after the procedure. We will provide you with all information regarding the rehabilitation period after the surgery and answer every question.

All your questions and doubts are consulted online with doctors.

Relaxed atmosphere and full professionalism

You will feel at ease with us, you've finally found the best hair transplant team. Being with us you will see how much different we are from other clinics you know before. We really want you to come home happy and recommend our services to others.

Hotels we work with.

Stay with us is a minimum of 2 night in a hotel. We work with proven hotels that are located near our clinic. You can choose one of them, they differ in the number of stars and price.

Ramada Plaza by Wyndham

Five-star hotel with a swimming pool and great breakfasts.
Hotel Ramada

Modus Istambul Hotel

A four-star boutique hotel with breakfast

You can choose your own hotel

The hotels we offer you are close to our clinic and have been checked by us. However, if you want to take advantage of the offer of another hotel, our airport transfer will take you to any hotel in Istanbul. Remember, however, that you must be at our clinic in the morning on the day of the procedure.

Why is it worth visiting us?

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Go to our FAQ section, you will find answers to many questions there. You can also contact us. We speak English of course.

Questions and answers

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Over 70% of our new clients are people recommended by people who have had a hair transplant with us. We do the best treatments and our clients appreciate it.

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A hair transplant in Turkey is the only and ideal way to regain natural-looking, thick hair.

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To begin the process of preparing for your FUE or DHI hair transplant procedure, you must first send us photos of your head.

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Do you have questions you don’t know the answers to? On the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) subpage, we will answer most topics.

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Where is our clinic located?

The treatments are performed at the Jack Strong Hair Clinic based in Istanbul: Meşrutiyet, Vali Konağı Cad, Hacı Mansur Sk. No:14, A Blok Kat:3 34363 Şişli/İstanbul. See on the map.

What is a FUE hair transplant?

FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) is the latest method of hair transplantation. Unlike the outdated FUT/STRIPE method, it does not require linear incisions and the placement of sutures, providing minimal invasiveness, a natural result and a short recovery time after the procedure. In FUE, grafts are taken in the form of individual hair follicles 0.8 – 0.9 mm from the back and sides of the head, and then placed at the sites of defects in pre-prepared microchannels. In our clinic, the canals are performed with sapphire blades. The entire procedure is performed under local anesthesia.

What are the causes of hair loss?

Baldness, or increased hair loss, is a problem primarily affecting men. Most often, hormones are responsible, specifically dihydrotestosterone, which is a derivative of testosterone – under its influence, hair follicles gradually reduce their activity. This type of baldness called androgenetic alopecia.